13 Mental Health Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Ink

“This quote I got from an episode of ‘My So Called Life.’ This was probably one of my favorite TB shows in high school. I was diagnosed with depression and then with panic disorder during my college years. This quote always stood out to me because although I wasn’t diagnosed at the time, I always felt different from my peers.

  • Semicolon tattoos were inspired by Project Semicolon – a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention.
  • First, if the state requires one, find a reputable tattoo artist with a license.
  • Maybe it’s a way of reclaiming your body, giving the story your scars tell more context.
  • But this empowering, rugged mountain design finds strength in the struggle and making it to the other side.
  • With so many tattoo designs to choose from, you can easily find a Christian inking for any part of the body.

Therefore, weigh the pros and cons carefully before getting that recovery tattoo. Whether you choose to get the ink or not, remember your courageous decision, and you will be victorious. Recovery symbols can help people still struggling with addiction by reminding them that they aren’t alone in their fight against addiction. The sobriety tattoos recovery symbol is an important reminder that many others are also going through this experience and will be there for them during their journey of recovery. Whether you are in recovery from addiction, or you have a loved one battling addiction a universal symbol for addiction awareness arrives in the form of a teal ribbon.

The tattoo is a visible sign that one must never lose hope and that they are never alone

For smaller inkings, the wrist and behind the ear are popular placements. The wolf is a pack animal that fiercely protects its family. In Native American culture, the wolf has a deep spiritual meaning. Wolf tattoo designs make cool tattoos for men who are proud of their strong family values. Semicolon tattoos were inspired by Project Semicolon – a nonprofit organization dedicated to suicide prevention. A semicolon is used by writers when they choose not to end a sentence, and a semicolon tattoo is used to remind someone that their story isn’t over.

Shoulders are less susceptible to stretching and sun exposure, so tats here tend to be longer-lasting, even if you don’t keep up with your shoulder exercises. Sleeve tattoos are a commitment, requiring multiple sessions and a sizeable investment. If you have the patience and funds, sleeve placements make for one hell of a cool tattoo for men, allowing you to go big and bold with your design choices. Hinduism and Buddhism use the mandala as a symbol to represent the universe and spiritual journey. Round in shape, mandalas are like snowflakes in that each one is unique. Their repeating patterns make mandalas highly customizable tattoos for men. Wrap around the wrist in a cuff, encircle the elbow, or place the tattoo on the nape of the neck.

Biomechanical Tattoo

Time marches on, and a clock tattoo is there to remind us that each moment is precious. They’re cool tattoo ideas for men who want to mark a special moment in life, honor an achievement, or believe in the importance of seizing the day! Also a primo tattoo for any timepiece buffs or men’s watch enthusiasts. In a lot of cases, though, they carry a less morbid meaning.

Anchor tattoos for men needn’t be retro; combine them with other nautical styles for a modern interpretation. Every man has his individual markings making a fingerprint tattoo the most unique skin inking ever! The best placement for these types of tattoos for men is on an area of skin that won’t stretch or quickly age. A symbol of freedom, marijuana leaf tattoos are tattoos for men who don’t conform or give in to social convention. If you want to let the world know that you live life on your terms, this inking will get the message across. Ancient tribes would use tattoos as protective symbols to either display their social status or as a form of expression.

“When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?”– Sydney J. Harris

Both letters combined in a Greek key design can create head-turning tattoos for men. Those following the path may choose a tattoo representing their decision to lead a clean lifestyle and provide constant motivation. The Serenity Prayer, triangle symbol, and coin are all metaphors synonymous with Alcoholics Anonymous.

What does the lotus flower mean in recovery?

Ancient Egyptians commonly associated the Lotus with the idea of rebirth because of the flower's tendency to retract into the water at night and emerge again in the sun the next day. In order for an addict to truly overcome his addiction, he must—like the Lotus—change drastically into someone changed and new.

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